Friday, February 3, 2012

Newst Addition......

This was the item I was hinting to in my January 22nd post. I am loving this book immensely. There is a ton of recipes in this book it is worth the money. I paid 29.95 for it but we also got a discount off at MG's job. Regardless had we not got a discount off I would have still purchased the book.

All the recipes include new Weight Watchers Points Plus values. Before I started WW I picked up a couple of their recipe books from the library but I think I am going to return them & work from this one for the time being.

I am in the process of looking into buying a scale because sadly as bad as I am sure its going to be I need to know exactly how much I weigh.  I am also looking into a weight west to get moving on the exercise front. I need to get this body moving more.

I would love to hear any recommendations that any of you out there reading this about scales, weight sets or other exercise equipment that you think is wonderful & that maybe I should look into.

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