Friday, March 9, 2012

Start Back at One...

That is exactly what I am doing at this moment. I let time get away from me while trying to cope with the loss of my Mother in Law in January. While  at the time I wasn't eating horribly but I also wasn't tracking what I was eating. The next thing I know here we are in March & I am still not tracking & also not eating the best stuff that I should be.

So today I start back at week 1. I don't consider this a failure I see it as I took a detour off the road & now I am back on the right road again. It would have only been  failure had I continued to detour.

My poor stomach has been in such disarray since I stop eating right. I feel sluggish, sleeping like garbage again & just overall feeling blah which I hate. I also have started working out I got some resistance bands along with some weights. MG & I also got a Xbox Kinect to work out with. I have to say the sensor is a bit anal but its a lot of fun.

I am slowly working my way into workouts its been ages since I actually worked out. Granted it hurts a bit but it feels good to work up a sweat even though I do drop a couple of F bombs here & there. So March 9th, 2012 I declare my first day of WW. I need to start utilizing the tools in case I feel myself slipping I can get some help to stay in check.

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