Sunday, April 8, 2012

Humpty Dumpty....

Well thankfully I didn't sit on a wall but I did have a big fall. My big fall was I haven't worked out in about a week & a half & I feel like garbage.   I have been nauseous for the past 2 days but other then that I have no excuse for not working out. My eating hasn't been horrible but as usual I haven't been making all my points but I have been close.Tomorrow I am going to get back to exercising I want to try for at least 4 days this week I need to start pushing myself a bit more.

The upside is that this is the first time in 2012 that I have felt under the weather at all (knock on wood). This is a serious improvement from 2011. I guess taking your vitamins everyday & eating good does make a difference.  Thanks to MIO I have been drinking a lot more water. I also drink plain water. Instead of buying bottled water we reuse the gallon jugs that you get when you buy water in the store. We have water fill stations around the neighborhood so for 35 cents you can refill it back up.  I hate the taste of tap water. I really need to get around to a water filer for the sink but even if it tastes better water from the tap is never cold enough.

I need to get more in depth with the groups & boards on Weight Watchers. There are times I want to talk with people about weight stuff & to be honest I don't really have  very many people around here to do that with. The ones I know either don't care they are big or don't think they are & continue to do unhealthy stuff. Or you have the people who think that being a size 10 means that need to lose weight. I do talk to MG about things but he doesn't have a weight problem so even though he listens & talks to me it isn't really the same.

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